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to save lives

to accelerate medicine

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Precision medicine is now a reality.

R3CE: the revolutionary 3D culture platform ​for precision medicine

AcroCyte is ready to provide essential solutions for all medical trends of the future.

Rapid Reproducible Rare Cell 3D Expansion (R3CE):
• Enables culture of 3D tissues from a single cell
• Capacity to build ex vivo 3D models from all types of samples
• Efficiently and reliably culture rare cells

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Cancer Precision Medicine:
Availability in All Sources is Key

Cancer Precision Medicine:
Availability in Time is Key

What is the global
3R initiative?

Refine, reduce, and replace animal experiments.

The 3Rs-– refine, reduce, and replace-- are the systematic approach regulators and institutions are taking towards improving animal welfare in scientific research. EU has already banned animal research on cosmetics back in 2013, and the US EPA has announced that it will eliminate all mammal testing by 2035. The 3Rs are expected to be increasing commonplace in the future, and it’s up to the companies to keep up. AcroCyte Therapeutics was established to transform your research with animal-free models.AcroCyte Therapeutics can help by providing animal-free research and testing solutions. Accelerate your drug development, product design, and scientific research with us today.

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spot the difference

Watch the same cell therapy experiment in 2D and 3D.

Often times, cell therapy experiments are conducted with monolayer culture, resulting in successful but invalid results.

AcroCyte Therapeutics can accurately validate cell therapy tests with 3D models.

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Introducing R3CE

The revolutionary 3D culture platform.

R3CE is the breakthrough technology that can culture 3D tissues from one single cell. Culture rare cells, stem cells, and even CTCs  with speed and consistency. Accelerate clinical drug discovery and make treatment decisions in time with R3CE.

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