Our mission is to save lives

“1 cell, to save lives” is not just a slogan. We are committed to providing timely and accurate advice to ensure successful treatment.

1 cell to save lives

AcroCyte Therapeutics is a cell-based precision medicine company. Our current focus lies in utilizing our core technology R3CE— Rapid, Reproducible, Rare Cell Expansion— to assist clinical treatment and scientific research. R3CE is a robust cell proliferation and expansion platform that can enable 3D cell culture from any specimen within 2 weeks, even when the cells are extremely rare. We are a driven team of scientists, industry leaders, and entrepreneurs deeply committed to integrating 3D cell culture, and medicine to drive changes in precision medicine and in turn, save lives.​

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Meet our board

Our team has over twenty years of experience in biomaterials, cancer oncology, liquid biopsy, and stem cell research. Our leaders consists of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and experienced scientists and engineers in biomedical and materials science.​