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Our three main areas of application: replacing animal experiments, implementing precision medicine, and accelerating regenerative medicine.​

No more rare cell problem​

R3CE is compatible with all molecular analysis pipelines ​

Immunostaining of Colorectal Cancer tumoroid cultured on R3CE​

Top-down sectioning​
Middle-down sectioning​
Single Cell PCR​
Flow Cytometry
And many more!

Immunostaining of cultured CTCs

Blood Sample: Breast cancer patient (HER2 3+; ER 90%; PR 5%)

Drug Testing for REAL

Rapid Easy Accurate Limitless
oncology drug testing platform ​


In time for clinical decision (2~3 weeks)​


Blood draw for 2 vitals(~20 ml)​


clinical concordance​


Repeatable rare cell cultures from blood, no surgery needed​

Drug testing platform utilizes AcroCyte’s core technology R3CE and can be the gateway to further insights on anticancer drug reaction and efficacy. See our workflow and further applications below, or contact us for more information.​

Drug test workflow achievable in less than one month​

Drug Test Leads to Reduced Cell Viability

Same patient-derived R3CE breast cancer CTC and tumor cell both show reduced cell viability after drug test ​

Drug Test​
CTCs ​
Tumor cells ​ ​
Mock​ CTCs
Mock​ Tumor cells ​ ​
Drug Test​​ CTCs
Drug Test​​ Tumor cells ​ ​

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Regenerative medicine​

R3CE can generate spheroids even if the initial cell counts are low, making it a perfect fit for culturing stem cells

Single cell proliferation of Wharton's jelly-Mesenchymal stem cells (WJ-MSC) on R3CE​
R3CE is free of bio-derived components and compatible with all regenerative technologies. All R3CE products are produced in certified labs to ensure top-notch quality control. ​

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Day 2
Day 3
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Day 6

Work with us​


Featured work:
building the leading patient-derived cancer cell bank in Asia with NLAC

National Laboratory Animal Center (NLAC), established under the guidance of the Taiwan‘s National Science and Technology Council, is the largest and internationally-qualified official animal resource center and laboratory in Taiwan. Together with NLAC, we are currently operating a joint Tumor Organoid Laboratory, and building a PDx (PDO, PDS) Bank from multi-source cancer patient samples. By leveraging AcroCyte’s 3D culture capabilities, we can increase successful rate in PDx, PDO, and PDS models with low initial seeding, taking strides towards making precision medicine more accessible to all.

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